Harkenwold Citizens

  • Baron Stockmer: Human male, 50’s. Baron Aureus Stockmer was once a mighty warrior, renowned throughout the land for his massive greatsword and ferocious battle cries. Thanks to his bravery and military skill at the Battle of Harken Hill, the goblin warchief Grintz the Flinty-Eyed was soundly defeated in battle and his army was utterly destroyed. The Baron still keeps Grintz’s skull on a wall in his trophy room, next to his now-retired greatsword.

After his victory, Stockmer built his keep on Harken Hill and has ruled from his seat there for the past thirty or so years. During this time he has grown noticeably heavier and less energetic, but his spirit and his mind are just as proud and forceful as they have always been. He is a kind and protective lord, and he regularly hears petitions from the common folk in Harken Keep.

  • Pendra Flametongue: Dragonborn female, 25. Pendra Flametongue is a more recent addition to the town’s population. A former adventurer, she purchased the general store and stable yard with her sellsword earnings, and now operates both quite capably. As a Dragonborn, Pendra rarely experiences trouble in her business transactions, as most of the locals are too frightened of powerful jaws and deadly breath to dare cheating her. Despite her fierce appearance, Pendra is actually quite friendly, and is one of the very few locals who DOES get along well with Captain Graff, who recruited her to head up the Barony’s militia. Every week, Pendra rides off to a different village to train the locals and collect debts or drop off goods. Her store, the Dragon’s Hoard, turns a tidy profit.
  • Father Pacis: Human male, 70’s. A withered, thin man of advanced years, white-haired Father Pacis is the head of the temple of Pelor in Keep Town. Despite his frail appearance, Father Pacis seems possessed of the strength of a man considerably younger, and is often seen about town, chatting with the locals or assisting them with their daily tasks. He is extremely popular with everyone in Keep Town, but his relationship with the Baron is cool at best. No one knows the reason for this, but some whisper about an old grudge from the days before the founding of Harken Keep.
  • Mayor Hoster: Half-Elf male, 30’s. Rane Hoster is a short, timid man whose only claim to fame is a remarkable facility for numbers. Baron Stockmer quickly picked up on this fact and appointed this former clerk to replace the old mayor, and tax revenues have never been better. Rane prides himself on his performance as administrator, but fears that he will one day disappoint the Baron and find himself out of a job. Even though his fears are completely unfounded, Rane frets constantly, looking for ways to impress the Baron and earn more respect in his eyes.

Most of the locals genuinely like Rane, but his antics are also something of a private joke among the townsfolk.

  • Coleman Cann: Dwarf male, 60’s. The proprietor of the Bullseye Inn is a stout, cheery fellow with a thick beard to compensate for his balding head. Rosy-cheeked and friendlier than the average innkeeper, Coleman is renowned for his hospitality, often managing to come up with special treats for distant travelers. Where he gets such exotic fineries as perfume, desert spices, and elven wine is anyone’s guess, but his knack for making visitors feel at home has made him very prosperous. More than a few merchants from the southlands go out of their way to stop at the Bullseye.

Coleman’s good relationships with everyone in town has made him extremely knowledgeable about local events, and the steady stream of merchants has given him a good grasp of important goings-on all around the Nentir Vale and beyond. Locals often stop by the Bullseye after a hard day’s work to share an ale, a story, and a game of darts with Coleman.

  • Captain Graff: Human male, 30’s. The Captain of the town watch, Brusk Graff is a hard-boiled, no-nonsense soldier who has little time for frivolity. Hailing from Fallcrest originally, Graff often expresses frustration and condescension toward the local guardsmen; they apparently don’t live up to his idea of “professionalism.” Most of the townsfolk respect him, but few actually like him. For his part, Graff seems completely at ease with this arrangement, and is content to devote his full time and energy to keeping peace and order in Keep Town.

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Harkenwold Citizens

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