The Barony of Harkenwold

Ruled by Baron Stockmer, Harkenwold is a small realm in the extreme southeast of the Nentir Vale whose entire population is barely more than the town of Fallcrest. A collection of a half-dozen villages is populated with simple farmers, woodcutters, and the like. The seat of authority and home of the Baron is Keep Town, the largest of the villages. Keep town is so named because it is the site of Harken Keep, the small motte-and-bailey fortification that serves as stronghold for the Baron.

Originally a formidable defense against the local goblins who dwell in nearby Harken Forest, Harken Keep is too old and too small to properly accommodate the villagers. Since its founding, Keep Town has spread and scattered too far for the villagers to easily gather in the Keep in the event of a sudden attack, and the outlying villages would need plenty of advance notice in order to reach safety in time. Fortunately, thanks to the once-strong sword arm of the now elderly Baron Stockmer, there have been very few disturbances to the peace for many years.

The Harken Forest is crucial to the livelihood of many in Harkenwold. Its plentiful game and wood provide the locals with both food and raw materials for trade. Few venture deep into the woods, however, as tales of goblins and reclusive elves abound.

Harkenwold Citizens


  1. Harken Keep
  2. Mayor’s Manor
  3. The Bullseye Inn
  4. The Dragon’s Hoard
  5. Ruined House
  6. Temple of Pelor
  7. Harkenwold Caverns
  8. Guardhouse
  9. Granary
  10. Stables
  11. Harken Forest

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