Shadow of the Vale

Session 2

The Lord Warden sends the party to search for his missing friend, Douven Staul. On their way to Winterhaven, the party defeats a kobold ambush. Once they arrive, they head to the inn and discover that Winterhaven has a kobold problem as well. A woman known as Old Sara is also missing and a shopkeep named Bairwin Wildarson could be involved with that. Rond Kelfem, captain of the Winterhaven Regulars, requires concrete evidence before he can take any real action against Bairwin. Without anything concrete, the party heads out to handle the kobold problem.

The party arrives at a kobold hideout hidden behind a waterfall. As soon as they arrive, kobolds begin to swarm at them from behind trees and rocks. It’s a long hard fight that drew them into the lair. Inside the party almost faltered, but eventually scrapped their way to victory. After slaying the kobold leader, a goblin named Irontooth, they discovered two jarring messages on his person. One was written with charcoal on torn cloth and simply read, “They are coming! Prepare!” The other read, “Greetings Mighty Irontooth, We have received your human slaves. Good work, brother. Krand is proud of your work. -Tra’ak

  • Xp: 510 each.
  • Loot: 437g in coin and gems.
  • +1 Veteran’s Chainmail
    • Armor: Any
    • Enhancement: AC
    • Property: When you spend an action point, you gain a +1 item bonus to all attack rolls and defenses until the end of your next turn.
    • Power (Daily): Free Action. Spend an action point. You do not gain the normal extra action. Instead, you regain the use of one expended daily power.



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